Accelerate Sales with Marketing Cloud

Maximise the return on investment of each prospect. We will get you set up on Marketing Cloud to start engaging customers quickly.

54% performance increase in revenue when sales and marketing are in alignment – State of Sales, 2019


Salesforce can integrate every part of your business
The CRM holds a central place in the business acting as the authoritative, single source of customer data. Having Salesforce as the central platform means you can proactively use this data to influence and engage customers across all elements of the business: marketing, sales, service, process automation, analytics.

By implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud you will…

Improve efficiency and empower marketing

  • Leverage powerful AI tools to ensure you are where your prospects expect you to be.
  • Automate your core business processes.
  • Reduce the costs associated with admin-heavy tasks.
  • Empower marketing to create their own journeys, messages, landing pages, forms, SMS and location services.

Increase retention

  • Link marketing and customer service to better predict improvements and offer a consistent brand experience.
  • Escalate qualified opportunities back to sales.
  • Free up your team members’ time to develop deeper connections with your customers.
  • Identify areas of potential risk in real time and respond proactively.

Offer mass personalisation at scale

  • Leverage data to faster segment customers and target them as individuals at the right time, with the right content on the right channel.

Engage across the entire journey

  • Create two-way, real-time engagement from awareness to advocacy. 
  • Dynamically deliver the next best action for each individual at scale on the channel your audience responds to.

Gain more customers

  • Provide sales more hot leads to focus on. 
  • Create intelligent marketing journeys to warm up cold or lost leads and nurture them to becoming customers.

Make more timely decisions

  • Access real-time analytics to enable faster and more targeted decision making. 
  • 360 degree view of the business to better plan for the future and action long term goals.

Next Steps

You will be guided and mentored by New Zealand’s leading experts to ensure we solve your unique needs while implementing a proven approach. Start with a diangostic that will produce a report highlighting problematic areas and recommendations.

1. One hour free diagnostic – following this we’ll determine if you need a full diagnostic assessment

2. Deep diagnostic  – 3 days of interviews and write up of recommendations

Find out how we can help. Get in touch for a free consultation.