Why we endorse Salesforce

CRM rating sites can provide their in depth analysis. But, these are the reasons we unashamedly use and endorse Salesforce® for all of our clients:

One view of the customer.

In most of our prospects, they are suffering from not understanding and aligning with their customers. To provide exceptional service you need one place to see everything about your customer across marketing, sales, service, operations etc. 

Technically speaking reducing data silos is a huge cost saver as well.

Bring your processes alive.

Salesforce isn’t just a CRM and it’s not just for sales. It’s a place to bring business process alive. Take them from theoretical ideas into practical reality that defines the way all of your staff work.

Cloud and access. 

It can be accessed from anywhere, any computer, tablet or mobile. Throw away your internal servers and save money while increasing performance.

Salesforce pioneered cloud software before Gmail. Everything is brilliant and secure online.

Future proof.

This is our favourite reason to use Salesforce. The system can grow with your team, from 1 user to up to 10 million users. As your requirements change the system can be adapted with you. For example, we had a  Salesforce system that tracked attendees at events while the organisation used another system to track magazine subscriptions. It was an easy transition to simplify the design and build the magazine functionality into the salesforce platform. This saved thousands in software licences, and automated numerous tasks by having them in the same database. You have future needs, don’t settle for a system that can’t support them now.

Appexchange and integrations. 

Salesforce has the AppExchange. You can literally install new apps and custom features/integrations in one click. Do you want electronic document signage? done.  Do you want an accounting integration? Done.

Speed to delivery.

We can deliver you custom made software in under 10 weeks. We leverage Salesforce’s philosophy of clicks not code to rapidly develop databases, user interfaces and automations. We work on a proven system where code doesn’t need to be written, debugged, tested and pushed to production.

Great value. 

This system can bring in more funding, save people cost and empower you to achieve your purpose. Compare the licence fees with a salary and you have a sound business case.  Non profits receive 10 free licenses valued into the thousands and about 70% of extras.

Security, backups and data. 

We get scared looking at people’s legacy systems. What if that computer crashes? What if that person leaves? What if someone changes some data? What if someone is looking at something they shouldn’t? Salesforce has the best audit trails, redundancies and security permissions you could ask for.

Communities and anything else. 

You can even give your partners and customers access to a branded and restricted version of your salesforce. They can log support requests online, track orders, answer each other questions, view specialised reports… the options are endless.

But I’ve heard negative reviews

Salesforce has hugely evolved over the last 3 years. It looks totally different and is being incredibly innovative.


The reality is some people are not getting value out of many technology products including Salesforce. Most of the reasons are because the technology doesn’t enable people and action. Without aligning your tools to your goals you are not set up to succeed. You will need help from a CRM expert to get the results and you will need to talk to experts who don’t just implement your ideas, but are strategic and focused on long term results.

Find out what Salesforce can do for you. Request your complimentary consultation.