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We’ve built complete finance systems with Salesforce as well as the sales and service engines for FinTechs. Our team have worked on a number of enterprise Fintech solutions, from large stock exchanges to lending platforms.


We have become a preferred supplier with many success stories in the New Zealand technology sector. We know how to combine business process with optimised technology outcomes.

Associations and Membership Management

We’ve helped transform many associations by guiding them on a digital journey to deliver a modern Salesforce system. This includes automating invoicing, renewals, benefits management and support cases to delight members and increase revenue.


We’ve developed B2B sales and marketing processes for manufacturing companies across New Zealand. This includes account management modules and integrations with wider ERP, accounting and production systems.

Professional Services

One of our focuses is on rolling out our highly automated and streamlined approach to other professional services. This includes project management, time-sheeting, invoicing, strategic reporting and sales management.

Investments and Grants

We have built investment optimisation and tracking systems that manage multiple investment streams. This includes up to date reporting of performance and reconciliation ledgers.


We’ve developed tools to help run courses, store assessments/evaluations, utilise learning management tools and implement billing practices. We have maximised Salesforce to provide a single source of truth of your students and how you can better serve them.

Events and Entertainment

From running theatres, small events to huge festivals we have a wide range of experience in what works and the underlying technology requirements.

Charities and Nonprofits

We have a range of experience in working with local and international NGOs. We have set up multiple systems for fundraising, event management and marketing. Our team has worked in and for many nonprofits and knows the ins and outs of the variety of constituents from household management to accountability reports. Click here to find out more.

Many more…

This is not an exhaustive list of every industry. It just shows that our approaches and smart team are focused on achieving business outcomes and delighting customers in a range of circumstances.

A wealth of practical business insights. They draws on diverse experience in management consulting and understand how all of the parts of your business should fit together. I have been impressed at how they provide clarity and direction on complicated problems by distilling them into smaller manageable tasks

Vik, Business coach

You are amazing on so many levels! Your “can create a solution for any problem” attitude; your wit and style; your love of people; your extensive abilities and capacity!

Greg Fleming, CEO

What we covered was above all expectations. We were so impressed how they developed such an in-depth understanding (of our organisation) in such a short time. We’re are really excited

Marketing Manager, Te Whakaora Tangata

GravityLab was amazing to work with. They very quickly learnt about our business, interpreted our needs, and got to work. Within a matter of weeks, we had a working prototype and I am thrilled with the results.

Dave Atkinson, Creative Director

GravityLab are awesome, Very easy to deal with. Fast, understanding with good experienced advice. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!
Lara Conroy, Momentum Waikato

Awesome! Totally exceeded my expectations. Thanks to you and your team for the great work!
Gemma, Strategic Initiatives

They are very good at cutting through the clutter and ensuring that the right people are made accountable for getting outcomes that match strategic intentions.

Thane, Continuous Improvement Coach

It is great to work with a vendor that doesn’t want to drown us in unnecessary analysis and is as keen as we are to progress to the development stage.  Being able to communicate directly with the developer has made it really easy to achieve our objectives quickly and the communication has been great.

Craig Thomson, ICT Business Analyst